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Whether you're looking for inspiration on holiday locations, tips for maintenance and customisation, or advice on yacht insurance, we've got something to help guide you.

No matter your boat type or where you choose to store it, it is essential to have adequate insurance. Ensuring your boat insurance is up to date is essential for peace of mind, whatever your skill level, we've compiled a range of resources to help guide you through customisation, chartering, yacht brands and much more.

Yachting Tips & Advice

A Need-to-know Guide For Choosing the Perfect Sailing Yacht

Whether you're looking to purchase your first sailing yacht or upgrade your current vessel, we have insider expertise to help you pick the perfect yacht.

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Top Tips For Customising Your Sailing Yacht

Wanting to improve your vessel? Well look no further, we’ve got you covered. Discover our top 5 tips for customising your sailing yacht below.

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Top 9 Yachts Featured In Classic Movies

Ever been intrigued to know more about the yachts featured in your favourite movies? Discover more on the most enviable boats from classic films.

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The Best Yacht Brands and Why

Whether you're new to the yachting world or looking for an upgrade, we've compiled the best yacht brands that are reliable and are good value for money.

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Guide to a Luxury Yacht Charter

With bespoke yacht charter experiences becoming increasingly popular, we’ve put together a guide to everything you need to know about chartering a yacht.

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Yacht Racing for Beginners

Starting yacht racing is a thrilling adventure and it a popular sport at clubs all across the UK coastline. Find out more about getting started here...

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5 Marina Benefits for Yacht Owners

Mooring your boat in a marina can offer an abundance of benefits that can enhance your experience. Discover five of those benefits here...

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Best Yachting Locations

The UK has a rich maritime history and a number of wonderful boating spots to explore. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out in the world of sailing or if you’re a seasoned pro, there are plenty of yachting locations for you to set sail to.

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Insure Your Vessel

Get a quote for your boat insurance

Deciding the kind of insurance you require for your boat and which insurer to opt for can feel overwhelming. Visit our website to find out more about your insurance options.

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Yacht Resources


A Buyer's Guide to Yacht Insurance

We have answered your most frequently asked questions surrounding yacht insurance, to help you navigate towards the most suitable policy for your needs.

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5 of the Best UK Yacht Clubs

Do you own a yacht? You might be interested to know the UK is home to some exceptional yacht clubs, we've chosen our top 5 favourites.

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The Top 3 Most Expensive Yachts in the World

We're back looking into some of the most expensive yachts in the world. Join us as we take a dive into the world of yacht owners and their luxury vessels.

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Top 5 Celebrity Yachts

Have you found yourself wondering which of your favourite celebrities own a luxury yacht? We've narrowed it down to the top 5 celebrity yachts in the world.

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The Top 6 Luxury Yachts in the World

Have you ever dreamt of sailing around the world on your own private yacht? Discover 6 of the most luxury yachts currently in existence…

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12 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Yacht Marina

You have your yacht, now you need a marina. There are many things to consider when choosing the right one for you, find out more here...

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12 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Yacht Marina

A Quick Guide to Yacht Rigging Maintenance

Yachts should be checked regularly to make sure they function as they should and when it comes to yacht rigging maintenance, there are many components that should be inspected...

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A quick guide to yacht rigging maintenance

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