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Welcome to our UK Marinas information page, here you'll find everything you need to know, from insuring your vessel to marina tips and advice. If you have any questions, please watch the video below.



Docking your vessel at a marina is one of the most common ways for safe storage, whilst providing an easy getaway for those last-minute trips.

No matter where you store your vessel, it is essential to have adequate insurance. Ensuring your boat insurance is up to date is essential for peace of mind when leaving your vessel at a marina. Whatever your skill level, we've compiled a range of resources to help guide you through proper maintenance checks before venturing out to sea. 

Marina Tips & Advice

Things To Do Near 6 of Your Favourite UK Marinas

Here are the activities you don't want to miss on your next visit to the marina, from sightseeing opportunities to delicious seafood restaurants.

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Discover The 10 Best Walks Near UK Marinas

We’ve picked out our top 10 favourite places in the UK with excellent walking opportunities near marinas for you to enjoy on your next staycation.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best UK Marinas

We’ve picked out our top highlights from across the country, with a mix of both coastal and inland options, all with impressive accolades from TYHA.

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10 Things You Need To Consider When Choosing a Marina

Here are things you should consider when choosing a marina, from facilities on-site and fuel cards to council tax and security.

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Maintenance Features of Mooring a Boat in a Marina

Mooring at a marina comes with many features. We take a look at the various ways your boat will be more carefully cared for whilst stored at a marina.

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The Ultimate Marina Guide

Are you still weighing up the pros and cons to marina berthing? To make things easier, we've created The Ultimate Marina Guide to help you make a decision.

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GJW Direct - Your Ultimate Marina Guide

Insure Your Vessel

Get a quote for your boat insurance

Deciding the kind of insurance you require for your boat and which insurer to opt for can feel overwhelming. Visit our website to see our GJW insurance products.

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Marina Resources


A Buyer's Guide to Marine Insurance

Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to switch providers, we’re here help you navigate the purchase of boat insurance.

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Spotlight on Premier Marinas

Discover more about our partnership with Premier Marinas, their services and berthing options around the UK.

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Boat Prep Checklist: Preparing Your Boat To Go Back Out On The Water

Looking to get back out on your boat? We've put together a boat prep checklist to ensure you're ready to go for your next trip.

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The Importance of Understanding Marine Forecasts

Having a clear understanding of the technical terminology of the marine forecast could prevent you from sailing into bad weather and save your life.

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The importance of marine forecasts

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