Rigid Inflatable Boats

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Rigid Inflatable Boats (or RIBS for short), are a high-performing, lightweight boat well known for their buoyancy on the water. Their light structure allows them to cope well with all sea  conditions, and remains one of the safer ways to travel by boat.

RIB insurance is essential for peace of mind when out on the water. Whatever your skill level, we've compiled a range of resources to help guide you on your explorations at sea.

RIB Tips & Advice

Choosing The Best Rigid Inflatable Boat For You

You'll need to consider a few factors when choosing the best rigid inflatable boat to buy. That’s why we’ve picked out the top five things you need to know before purchasing your next inflatable boat.

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RIB Maintenance Guide 101

Do you know how to properly care for your RIB? Read our RIB Maintenance Guide 101 to find out if you could be doing anything else for your boat.

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Top Launch Locations To Take Your RIB

Wondering where the best launch locations are for you and your RIB? Read our blog...

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Exciting Places For Family Adventures On Your RIB

You can take a Rigid Inflatable Boat to new cruising areas around the UK and you can even take it abroad, so the adventures you can have are endless. Find out more in our blog.

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Tips For Going Diving With Your RIB

Are you heading out on a diving adventure with your Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB)? You can find out top tips for your trip, including all about diving equipment and safety in our blog.

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RIB Buyer's Guide

Want to make sure you're choosing the right RIB? We look at key design features including the hull, sponsons and the engine.

Along with helpful tips for purchasing a new or second-hand vessel.

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Insure Your Vessel

A Buyer's Guide To RIB Insurance

Find out more about why you need boat insurance and what you're covered for with our buyer's guide to RIB insurance.

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Get a quote for RIB insurance

Choosing to purchase a rigid inflatable boat is a big decision and it's important to ensure you've got adequate cover for your vessel against damage, theft or accidents. If it’s your first time buying RIB insurance, or you're looking to switch providers, we've got a wealth of information on what typical policies include and what you can expect from a GJW Direct insurance policy.

With 0% interest finance options available, get RIB boat cover from GJW Direct. We have a range of options for full peace of mind.

Some features of our RIB cover include:

  • Protected no claims bonus
  • Machinery damage cover for striking submerged objects
  • Automatic road transit cover "up to 30ft"

*subject to exclusions and limitations

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RIB Cruise Routes

Looking for inspiration for destinations to cruise your RIB?

We guide through top UK routes including, Cornwall, the Hebrides and the Northumberland Coast.
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RIB Resources


5 Secret Bays In The UK To Explore By RIB

Staycations are the new vacation - and the UK’s beaches are the perfect location on a hot summer’s day. From Cornwall in the south, to Lothian in Scotland, there’s a dozen hidden bays in Britain just waiting to be uncovered.

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We answer all of your Rigid Inflatable Boat related questions in our helpful RIB FAQs section.

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Things To Consider When Towing Your RIB

From weight restrictions and safety considerations, find out what you should consider when towing your RIB.

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Equipment Must-Haves For RIB Owners

Do you have all of the equipment a RIB owner must have? Find out with our blog.

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Image shows safety equipment for RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) owners

Why A RIB Is The Boat For You

Read our blog to find out why a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) is the boat for you.

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Fun Boat Activities For Onboard Your RIB

There are loads of different kinds of activities you can enjoy whilst out and about on your RIB. Find out all about them in our blog.

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Image shows a cove you could see on one of your Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) adventures

Clothing Essentials For Onboard Your RIB

Heading out on your boat for the day? You want to make sure you’re fully kitted out and prepared for every eventuality so that you can make the most of your time on the water. Read our blog to find out more.

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Image shows safety equipment for days out with your Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB)

Safety Checks For Onboard Your RIB

If you’re an experienced boater, then you’re probably already aware of all the safety checks that go hand in hand with owning a boat but you can check you're up to speed by reading our blog.

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Image of a surfer in water for a blog about safety checks onboard your Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB)

Handling Your RIB In Tough Conditions

Looking for information on how to handle your RIB in tough conditions?

Our guide will advise you on best practice for safe and smooth sailing.

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MyBoat is a free online portal for the boat owner community. It’s the only free boating service in the UK! MyBoat keeps all of your important boat information in one place and sends you alerts using its easy-to-use digital organiser. It also keeps you updated with the latest news, views and weather, tailored to your travels as well as offering you some amazing discounts, including:

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How can I receive discounts with MyBoat?

To gain these discounts you have to have insurance from GJW Direct and have an account on MyBoat. Once on MyBoat, navigate to the My Discounts tab, where you’ll be able to see all of your own discounts. We’ve partnered up with some amazing companies to ensure you receive great discounts off boat essentials.
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