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There’s no better way to cruise the world’s oceans than aboard a motor cruiser. Built to stay on the water for days and even weeks on end, the design and performance of a motor yacht is second to none. They are the epitome of luxury and class, dominating smaller boats with their size and status.

Generally, a motor cruiser delivers significant length over a traditional vessel – often measuring between 40 to 90 feet – with cabin space and systems specifically designed for long-term cruising. There’s almost always room for socialising too, with purpose-built decks and entertainment spaces offering an ideal platform for gatherings.

There is a range of styles of motor cruisers that come under the term, including flybridge, pilothouse, aft cabin, sedan bridge and large, express-style yachts. Bridge boats are the most popular style type, offering plenty of room for overnight accommodation and deck space alongside a helm on the bridge as well as in the cabin, allowing for all-season functionality. More often than not, a motor cruiser design is defined by the size of its outdoor spaces like the flybridge or cockpit – the more space to impress your guests, the better…  

Powered by either petrol or diesel engines, the range of power can depend on the original purpose of the motor cruiser build. The look and feel of a motor cruiser can also vary massively, with many different styles and sizes of hulls, from full-displacements to planing hulls that can change the boat's stability, speed and resistance.

Motor Cruiser Tips & Advice

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Insure Your Vessel

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When you’ve invested so much time and money on your motor yacht, getting the right protection is essential to avoid financial and emotional trouble should something happen. Whilst it’s not technically a legal requirement to have yacht insurance in the UK, it is generally compulsory at most harbours, marinas and mooring areas. You will also need to have proof of insurance in order to obtain an inland waterways licence.

Most insurance policies will provide cover for fires, theft, storm damage, collisions and vandalism, though some will cover more than others. There are a number of factors that can affect how much your yacht insurance will cost, including where you keep and use your boat, as well as its size, value and age. For more information, read about how much it costs to insure a motor cruiser.

GJW’s Motor Cruiser and Power Boat Insurance is one of the best available in the market and provides fully comprehensive cover and great value, as well as a number of extra features. We offer an outstanding service and a fast and fair claims settlement reputation that is second to none.

Some features of our motor cruiser cover includes*:

  • Agreed Value
  • Marina Features
  • 0% finance

*subject to exclusions and limitations

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Motor Cruiser Resources


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